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Ecothrive - Our Passion is Real!

Ecothrive sprouted in 2013 when our founder, Gareth, returned to the UK after spending time with leading growers along the west coast of Canada and the United States. However, when he reconnected with organic growers back home, it seemed like they were lagging several years behind their North American counterparts.

Keen to share the information he’d picked up with cultivators across the UK, it quickly became clear to Gareth that there was a real hunger for knowledge concerning the fundamentals of soil health and following sustainable growing practices, as well as a need for genuinely top quality organic products to boost nutrient availability through soil microbiology.

A former worm farmer and professional greenhouse grower, Gareth heard his clarion call and set about developing a revolutionary natural insect frass biostimulant called “Charge”. Growers loved it. Plants loved it. And the root hairs on the back of Gareth’s neck indicated that this was just the beginning…

An Organically Grown Family Business

Nearly a decade on and Ecothrive has grown into a flourishing family business. Working with professional giant vegetable growers and home hobbyists alike, Ecothrive has revolutionised the UK growing community with a whole host of innovative products, all firmly based around Gareth’s original mission to promote the benefits of healthy soil biology and to harness the power and potential of beneficial microbes.

Ecothrive is proud to remain at the forefront of the UK organic growing scene and continues to build its base of premium organic products including Eco-Life living soil, Coco Pro potting mixes, as well as Neutralise—a water de-chlorinator. Dedicated to empowering growers, Ecothrive also offers Life-Cycle, an organic soil amendment that allows Eco-Life soil to be reused again and again, just as nature intended!

Gareth remains committed to sharing his knowledge through free informational resources to help keep the UK organic growing community thriving! From complete beginners to seasoned professionals, all growers can clearly see the boost in plant vitality when using Ecothrive products.

Grow with Us!

Ecothrive is based in Sheffield and has been growing steadily since its inception, gradually and gently potting itself onto bigger and bigger premises. We are dedicated to helping and empowering our customers to become successful and sustainable growers—so, if you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

Building a Better Future Together

Ecothrive is not just about boosting your garden’s productivity but also reconnecting growers with their passion for plants using sound horticultural techniques. We believe that choosing to grow your own produce organically and sustainably represents a clear path towards a more positive future.

Thank you for your interest in Ecothrive products.

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