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Blumat Classic

Outstanding House Plant Watering

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Standard 3 Pack
XL 2 Pack

Blumat Classic is the tried and tested solution for automatic watering of all kinds of indoor plants. Super easy to use, ideal when you’re on holiday or all year round. Let your plants look after themselves with the Blumat Classic.

How it Works

With Blumat Classic, indoor plants precisely get the amount of water they need, regardless of whether it’s sunny or shady. The water is drawn from a container of your choice through a thin tube and released directly through the clay cone into the soil.

As the soil dries the tension in the soil sucks water out of the clay cone, this suction power in turn pulls water from the container. Once the soil is moist, the soil tension is reduced and water release stops.

With this method of irrigation, the plant and soil are in control of how much water they need. No more guess work, just healthy plants! All you need to do is keep the water container topped up, so the plant and soil remain in optimum health.

The standard Blumat Classic releases 50-150ml of water every 24 hours, depending on how wet or dry the soil is.

The Blumat Classic XL with larger clay cone releases 75-200ml of water per 24 hours and is ideal for thirsty indoor plants or plants in larger pots.

How to Use

It doesn’t matter how many plants you have; installation is quick and easy. You simply fill Blumat Classic with water, let it soak for 15 mins, then insert it into the soil. Place the suction tube in a water container and the automatic watering system is ready to use.

Step 1 Remove green cap.

Step 2 Soak clay cone in water for about 15 minutes.

Step 3 Press the cap on the completely full clay cone.

Step 4 Insert the Blumat into the soil near the roots.

Step 5 Place the tube in a water container. Ready!

Ideal for Holiday Time

The volume of water released from the Blumat Classic can be adjusted by simply lowering or raising the water container.

The water level in the water container is the same or slightly lower than the green Blumat cap.

This is the ideal position, water is dispensed according to the degree of moisture in the soil. Water discharge is approx.

75 ml / 24 h or 125 ml / 24 h (XL)

The water level in the water container is significantly lower than the green Blumat cap.

Watering is dispensed according to the degree of moisture in the soil. As the roots need more energy to draw in water, water discharge reduces to approx.

50 ml / 24 h or 75 ml / 24 h (XL)

The water level in the water container is higher than the green Blumat cap.

This positioning allows water to flow from the container into the cone, the Blumat Classic therefore constantly discharges water even if the soil is moist enough. The water discharge can amount to up to

150 ml / 24 h or 200 ml / 24h (XL)

Please note: Blumat classics can only draw water from a water level no greater than 30cm below the green cap.

For large plant pots you can use several Blumat Classics, or Blumat Classic XL units.


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