In partnership with Indoor Organics

Supercharged Potting Soil

Ecothrive & Indoor Organics have teamed up to bring you Eco-Life, a new supercharged potting soil for growers that want the very best for their plants.

Organic Soil Amendment

Made from raw natural ingredients, Life-Cycle is the perfect addition to top-dress and to re-amend Eco-Life Potting Soil.

Instant Microbe Tea

Breathe new life into your plants with Biosys, the instant microbial tea from Ecothrive. Easy and quick to mix and use, nothing immediately improves the health of your root zone quite like Biosys.

Easy to use
Stimulates roots
Boosts plant health
Instant tea

Coco & Soil Booster

Composed entirely from mealworm castings Charge is a soil conditioner and biostimulant which will help boost soil fertility and improve plant health, leading to vigorous high yielding crops.

The Product of Champions
Natural biostimulant
100% organic
Long lasting
Insect frass

Premium Coco Mixes

Save time, effort and energy whilst also achieving superior results by using this premium quality coco, pre-mixed and evenly blended with Charge. Now available in three varieties: Coco Pro, Coco Clay and Coco Lite.

Powered by Charge
Also, introducing
Ecothrive Neutralise logo

Tap water dechlorinator

Release the biological potential of your growing media and plant nutrients with Neutralise. Neutralise instantly dechlorinates tap water, protecting beneficial microbes from the harmful effects of both chlorine and chloramine.

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