Ecothrive & Indoor Organics Eco-Life

Supercharged Potting Soil

  • UK made living organic soil
  • Organic full cycle nutrition
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced growers

Ecothrive & Indoor Organics Life-Cycle

Organic Soil Amendment

  • Balanced organic nutrient mix
  • Feeds soil with a diverse blend of nutrients and minerals
  • Nourishes soil to produce naturally productive plants

Ecothrive Neutralise

Tap water dechlorinator

  • Treats Chlorine and Chloramine
  • Ideal for organic gardeners
  • Allows beneficial microbes to flourish

Ecothrive Biosys

Instant microbe tea

  • Beneficial soil microbes
  • Stimulates and protects roots
  • Highly concentrated powder

Ecothrive Charge

Soil conditioner and biostimulant

  • Soil and coco conditioner and biostimulant
  • 100% organic and easy to use
  • Provides nutrients and beneficial microbes

Ecothrive Coco Lite

Coco aerated with perlite

  • Pre-mixed with Charge
  • Exceptional aeration
  • Ultimate multi-use coco mix

Ecothrive Coco Clay

Coco and clay pebble mix

  • Charged up 60/40 mix
  • Superb drainage
  • Perfect for irrigation systems

Ecothrive Coco Pro

Premium Coco with Charge

  • Bursting with Biology
  • Top tier 100% coco coir
  • Ideal for handwatering

RootMASS Fabric Pots & Beds

Breathable Fabric Containers

  • Eliminates over watering
  • Improves root structure and mass
  • Flexible and reusable

Ecothrive merchandise

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