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Absolute Flower is a comprehensive controlled released flowering fertiliser designed specifically for fast-growing heavy-fruiting crops. Best used in conjunction with both Beanstalk K-Boost (potassium booster) and Beanstalk CA-Fortify (calcium/magnesium supplement).

The Sustainable Solution

At Ecothrive, we are often asked "what's the best mineral fertilisers to use with your coco coir mixes?". We now have an answer; Beanstalk CRF is arguably the most environmentally sound option for complete mineral fertility, while producing high yielding crops with minimal fuss.

While Beanstalk's CRF technology is not organic it does eliminate many environmental issues associated with conventional mineral fertilisers. The advanced polymer coating effectively controls nutrient release and prevents the fertiliser rapidly dissolving in the growing medium, reducing leaching and waterway pollution.

When growing with Beanstalk CRF, minimal run-off is required. When using liquid nutrients, growers typically aim for 10-20% run-off at each watering event, with Beanstalk you can cut this down to 5-10% run-off once a week! Using Beanstalk ensures efficient water usage and stops your fertiliser (and money) going down the drain.

One dose of Beanstalk Ag Controlled-Release Fertilizer (CRF) automatically and intelligently matches the nutrient requirements of your plants throughout their growing cycle.

No bottles. No powders. No mixing reservoirs. Simply blend the CRF into the growing medium when transplanting. Improve your efficiency, cut costs, simplify your grow and boost yields today!

What does Absolute Flower do?

Absolute Flower from Beanstalk Agriculture will fertilise your crop for 90 days; start to finish. Apply at a rate of 4-5 grams per litre of growing medium. You can use coco coir, coco mixes or lightly fertilised potting soil.

Simply mix into your substrate when potting up and Beanstalk’s comprehensive solution will provide your crop with all the necessary minerals, micro and macronutrients that they need for maximum growth and yield.

It is recommended to use a higher rate of 5 grams per litre if growing in small containers under 8 litres.

Absolute Flower should be applied 90 days prior to the intended harvest date. Absolute Flower is used as a total replacement for all other NPK fertilisers and performs best when used in conjunction with both Beanstalk K-Boost (potassium booster) and Beanstalk CA-Fortify (calcium/magnesium supplement).

With the Beanstalk program you can use growth stimulants, beneficial biological inoculants, and other additives such as silica. Just avoid using nutritional products.

How much do I need?

Pot size 8L 11L 15L 18L 20L 22L 25L 30L 32L 39L 56L
Grams 30 41 56 68 75 83 94 113 120 146 210
Scoops 2.0 2.8 3.8 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.3 7.5 8.0 9.8 14

How to Use

To get the best from Beanstalk CRF products just follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill the pot 2/3 or 3/4 with your chosen growing media, coco or potting soil.
  2. Add the relevant dose of Beanstalk products.
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Pot up the plant, then top up the remaining 1/3 or 1/4 with coco or soil.
  5. Irrigate with water and, optionally, your preferred silica and non-NPK additives.

Ecothrive coco mixes are all pre-fertilised with a light dose of Charge. This provides enough nutrition to last until the CRF starts releasing, which takes approximately 7 days after the first irrigation. For best results, use Biosys on your first watering and repeat every 1-2 weeks.

For a thorough set of FAQ's, please visit the Beanstalk UK website.

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Release rate 90 days 100 days 70 days 100 days
NPK 11-3-17 12-0-0 1-0-31 14-4-12
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